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Getting Baptised

What is baptism?

For over two thousand years believers in Jesus across centuries, cultures and continents have testified publicly to their faith through the simple practice of baptism by full immersion.

It is a moment where someone declares once and for all their wholehearted commitment to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

One of the first actions of Jesus’ adult life was to be baptised by His cousin John. It was an expression of solidarity with humanity as he set out on a life and ministry that would culminate in His self-sacrificing death on the cross and His resurrection from death. John was initially reluctant, but Jesus insisted He needed to be baptised just like everyone else.

Wondering whether you should get baptised?

Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and have you accepted him as your saviour? If so, we encourage you to be baptised.

The baptism itself may only take a few minutes during one of our services and can be performed by someone you choose. This person might share a brief encouragement with you, a short prayer or Bible verse, and then ask you two simple questions.

  1. Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and have you accepted him as your saviour?
  2. Is it your wish that I baptise you now in front of your family, friends and church family?

We love to celebrate every single person who makes this important decision, but there is no obligation for you to speak in public. The baptistry on our stage is purpose-built and heated, and we also have facilities backstage for you to get dried and dressed in afterwards.

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