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Pastoral Care

Helping others

Pastoral care happens naturally when individuals in our community are prompted to care and support one another – but also intentionally through our Pastoral Care Team. Offering assistance to those in need or crisis, pastoral care can cover a broad range of care/support including, but not limited to, hospital or home visitation, befriending, meals and practical assistance at various times eg, pregnancy or illness.

It also reaches out to those within the community who require help through a range of different support programs or assistance to find suitable options to solve problems.

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Meet Paul

Paul is our Pastoral Care Team Leader. This role involves responding to the needs of the congregation whether they be spiritual, emotional or physical. It includes running suitable courses to assist people in their journey and providing support to those in the community referred for assistance to the Church, primarily through our Food Pantry. In his spare time, Paul enjoys gardening and sports.

"I thrive on helping people in need to overcome barriers and to find their God given purpose and discover their spiritual gifts to serve.


Meet Jo

My role here at Door of Hope is that of a Chaplain. I work with the pastoral care team to provide support to the Door of Hope community and the broader Launceston community through programs we run here such as MadWheels and emergency food assistance.

"I love being able to assist people in the Launceston community who may need help, either directly through food hampers or through referrals to other Door of Hope services or external agencies, in order to help connect them onto the pathway to find the service they require."

Want to help?

If you'd like to help, please contact us via the form below to join our team of like-minded individuals who have a desire to support and care for others.