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Christmas Hampers

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Our free gift - to bless.

Christmas is meant to be a wonderful time of joy and celebration with family - but for some people in our community, it can be a real struggle.

Every year Door of Hope provides 120 Christmas hamper packs to families facing challenges in our local community – no strings attached.

Christmas hampers are offered to people in the Launceston community have been referred to us through the programs we run at Door of Hope or by referral from external agencies.

2022 Stories...

"Thank you again for the support that was provided to these families who are already so stretched, our service really appreciates the support that is provided by the church community."

"The hampers were awesome! It is a difficult time of year for many families, so it was great to be able to offer a little bit of support and they were incredibly grateful. I also got feedback that families really enjoyed coming into Door of Hope and having a tour/ joining in on some activities."

"I never thought that I would need this type of help, but was very reassured when the hamper was provided when our lives turned upside down."

"The items in the hamper meant that my children and I did not miss out on our family dinner together."

"Some people’s lives change is a very short period and they need to seek safety. They can sometime stay at home or with a friend or relative. Other people need to seek emergency accommodation. In most cases, when a family violence incident occurs, families who need to seek new accommodation have limited access to financial resources. Our staff were very grateful that the generosity of the Door of Hope congregation allowed us to extend the support to these families."

"I was very happy to receive the Christmas Hamper from Door of Hope. The children were excited to open it with me and were amazed to see what was inside. All of the items were useful and all were used by us. I thank them for their thoughtfulness and their generosity to us."

"It came at a time when our personal circumstances made it a bit difficult all around to get into the Christmas spirit... It gave us and our grandson great joy to unpack all the lovely food and the special Christmas treats the box contained. We were amazed at the variety, the largesse and the thoughtfulness the good people of the Door of Hope put into this unexpected and hugely appreciated gift. We want to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped to bring us this joy that helped light up our Christmas this year."

"We had one family who received a hamper in the absence of their father and partner who returned to prison shortly before Xmas, they had nothing at all for Xmas day until they received a hamper – they were so very grateful for all the beautiful food and it absolutely made their Xmas so much brighter."

"I had a young lady who had recently been released from prison and was moving into her first unit she obtained through Housing Tasmania. She did not have a scrap of food to fill her cupboards, the gift of the hamper totally changed her Xmas and she was so happy and grateful to receive it, she cried."

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