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Commitment to a Safe Place

Door of Hope Christian Church is committed to providing a safe place for all people who engage with us, including children, young people, and other vulnerable people.

We take seriously the Biblical call to care for the vulnerable by actively preventing neglect, harm and abuse, and seeking to provide an environment that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe.

This policy aims to embed Door of Hope’s commitment to safeguard children and vulnerable people in all we do - our culture, governance, leadership, practises, and procedures.

Door of Hope is committed to ensuring that vulnerable people (including children, families, the disabled and elderly) are informed and involved in decision making that considerably affect them.

We recognise that the diverse needs of vulnerable people should be taken into account and their concerns taken seriously.

Door of Hope is committed to equity for all vulnerable people and preventing abuse and harm resulting from discrimination.

Door of Hope leaders and workers understand that child and vulnerable people safety is everyone’s responsibility.