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Hope Partners (Membership)

Hope Partners

A Hope Partner is someone who is both deeply committed to God and deeply committed to the Vision, Mission and Ministry of Door of Hope Christian Church.

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As a Hope Partner, you commit over the next 12 months to:

  • Spiritual journey - never fall for the fallacy that we have "arrived" spiritually
  • Meeting together in community - regular participation in weekly church services, where the emphasis is more on giving than receiving - giving worship to God, and friendship and encouragement to each other
  • Serving - the body of Christ needs you - exercising your spiritual gifts to build up the church
  • Giving - supporting our ministry and mission through the Biblical principle of tithing
  • Contribute to the big decisions - having input and giving feedback in various ways to leadership
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To be a door of hope, through Jesus Christ, in a fragile and uncertain world.


To be Jesus Centred, Others Focused, Together in Community


These are the spiritual values that underpin and inform the Vision, Mission and Ministry at Door of Hope Christian Church, and are listed in order of priority:

  1. Praying
  2. Inviting
  3. Connecting
  4. Growing
  5. Becoming
  6. Giving

A Hope Partner sees themselves as being in partnership with God and other people who are part of this local church. The purpose of a Hope Partner is to grow spiritually and to play their part in helping our church achieve its God-given Mission.

In the years ahead, we trust that many people who are involved in and become part of Door of Hope Christian Church will also become Hope Partners.

Because of this, Door of Hope welcomes people who are at any stage of their spiritual journey with Jesus, and particularly people who are exploring the idea of commencing this journey, or who are simply curious about God.

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