Door of Hope

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Jesus centred, others focused and together in community.

Want to find more about what makes us tick? Our story is about people. We’re ordinary men and women, young and old, who want to make a difference.

For us, this quest is about living our lives centred on Jesus. We want to be more like him and do the things he did, which always involved caring for others. We’d love for you to join us in this quest.

Messages and topics are biblical and have a clear, honest and practical application for our lives today, often communicated using fresh and creative ways.

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Where the church and community do life together

Door of Hope is dedicated to serving our community in ways that extend far past our regular Sunday services.

From counselling, courses and community events, through to childcare facilities, outreach and support for those in need, Door of Hope continues to strive to be a vibrant centre of life in Launceston.

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Every Sunday

Join us for a service?

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We have so much history...

With a church community formed in the 1800s, and a home constructed in the 1920s, Door of Hope has a rich history in Launceston.

From original gatherings in halls and tents, for well over 100 years we have connected with and served our local community. Our current home has transitioned from a derelict building to what is now a place of vibrant life and hope, where we can connect people to the real source of truth.

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