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Life at DoH


That's a word you'll see around Door of Hope a lot. That's because we're an accepting community, where people matter.

We are a gathering of ordinary people, from all walks of life, who explore together what it means to have a relationship with God and with others. We strive to create a friendly and encouraging environment where people are welcomed and accepted as they are. Our hope is that all people, who desire to, will find themselves at home and actively involved in our church family.

Why not join with us, to find out how we can do life, together?

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Hope Discovery Family Centre

Situated within the Door Of Hope Facility, our mission is to build a community who will support families to thrive and raise children with hope for the future.

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Connect groups

Connect groups are small groups who gather to learn and talk about life, study topics from the Bible, pray and support one another, or even just to form friendships and socialise! Joining a connect group is a great way to meet other people and build authentic relationships.

No matter what your age, interests or situation, we have a connect group that is just right for you. You can even visit a few connect groups before choosing the one that works for you! Days and times vary to suit each group.

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Lend a hand

Volunteer at Door of Hope

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Volunteering at Door of Hope comes in countless forms. From those who volunteer a few times a year to multiple days per week – and almost every option in between. We strive to place people in areas where their unique skills are of the most use, and where they'll enjoy themselves!

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Hope camp

Every year on the March long weekend we hold a fantastic get together in Ulverstone – Hope Camp. We invite our Door of Hope and extended community to join us.

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Our Vision

We choose to live according to who Jesus is and what he did. In order to do this well we’ve developed a catch-cry that sums the why behind all of our whats. We remind ourselves of this often. Here it is:

"We want to be a door of hope, through Jesus Christ, in this fragile and uncertain world and in order to do this we aspire to be Jesus centred, others focused, doing so together in community."