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Mad Wheels Youth

Making a difference

Mad Wheels Youth provides a mentoring program for young people in Northern Tasmania.

The program assists students by providing support and access to practical training programs in mechanical skills. This enables them to develop into independent and responsible adults.

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Mad Wheels Youth accepts students attending schools around the Launceston area, ranging from grade 6 to grade 10. Older clients up to the age of 20 years who want to develop their skills in mechanics or gain work experience are also welcome to participate in our program. Younger students focus on detailing and repairing cars in a practical based curriculum.

The Mad Wheels Workshop was developed and furnished from a government grant with the understanding that it would provide an educational and training facility. Mad Wheels Youth was formed to honour this commitment and has been in operation since 2013 and has seen many students successfully complete the program. The broad-based curriculum provides training in workshop safety as well as life skills. Students are not specifically trained to become mechanics, as some have gone on to further studies, while others have gained employment and apprenticeships in a diverse range of fields.

The term MAD refers to Making A Difference, and our team of volunteers is committed to being positive role models and establishing sound relationships with the young people under their care.

Our aim is to work in partnership with schools and parents by supporting students who may be struggling to cope with the rigours of school life and encouraging them to achieve their best through the celebration of their achievements. On a pastoral level, we aim to provide care and concern based on Christian principles and seek opportunities to link students into the Door of Hope youth scene through open invitations to programs and events. Our chaplain is available to connect with students and offer support to their families.

We continue to work towards positive future growth and directions and to ensure the ongoing safety and pastoral care of students and families. We also look forward to continuing the productive interactions and working partnerships we have with schools and other organisations.

If you'd like to assist financially with this worthwhile program, you can give direct donations to Madwheels Youth or by giving to MMO. Any person who has an interest in working with young people or has an interest and expertise in mechanics can apply to become a volunteer.

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Basic Workshop Introduction

Students will be introduced to:

  • Introductory modules in automotive technology
  • A wide range of car, restoration, servicing and maintenance
  • Theoretical modules covering modern automotive technology are assessed on a regular basis
  • Occupational health and safety (OH&S) modules covering workshop equipment and practice
  • Tips on car detailing
  • Basic roadside self-repairs
  • Basic electrical repairs

How to find us

Our location

Do H Central Storage High Res 1
5/31 Thistle Street West, South Launceston

We are situated down the lane, past Door of Hope Central Storage – follow the lane (pictured left) down until you see our sign.​

P: 6344 4094 (Wednesdays)

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