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Opportunities to serve

There are virtually limitless ways you can volunteer at the Door of Hope. We have people who volunteer from a few times a year to multiple days per week – and just about every possibility in between.

We’re always looking for people to help through generous donations of their time. Studies have shown that volunteering actually has many benefits to both physical and mental health – so everybody wins!

Below are just a few examples of areas where you can be of assistance. We love to place people in areas that they will enjoy and can use their unique experience to contribute meaningfully.

Welcome desk 19

Sunday Services

  • Welcome team
  • Carpark team
  • Emergency wardens & security
TMNGHT WITW May 2021 22

Creative Team

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Stage design
  • Technical
  • Design and media
  • Communications
  • Photography
Do H foyer 10


  • Welcome desk team
  • Maintenance
  • Gardening and grounds
  • Accounting
  • Administrative support
  • Cleaning
  • Grant applications
  • Bus drivers
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Connect Groups

  • Group leaders
HY 26th Feb 2021 HR 16


  • Birth to 4
  • Playgroup
  • Kids
  • Youth
  • Young adults
  • Creative
Do H people 14


  • Facilitators
  • Caterers
Jo Kemp HR 03

Pastoral care

  • Prisoner support
  • Christmas hampers
  • Seniors
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Superheroes camp

  • Buddies
  • Catering
Mad Wheels HR 22

Mad Wheels

  • Mechanics
  • Volunteers

Keen to get involved?

Have a chat to one of our senior team about volunteering opportunities that might suit your skills and availability.

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