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Desire | Exile | Audio Only

If I’m not careful, my desires will get in the way of living ‘the good life’ God has intended for me. Jesus is the ultimate fulfilment of our desires.

Is it ever going to stop? Will all the bad be over one day? Whose fault is it? How will we endure it? Why can’t people just do the right thing?

The story of the Bible is our answer, and that answer is Jesus. From Genesis to Revelation this story reveals why there is so much bad in the world, how it all got started and when it will all be over.

This series aims to invite us on a journey through the Biblical story. Exposing the same old patterns of behaviour, that grow out of our desires, that have dwelt amongst us from the start. Through this series we are invited to see how we all play our part in the ‘bad’ of this world and our need every day for grace, kindness, forgiveness and Jesus. Added to this, we cultivate hope for the future when all suffering and bad will end - us with Jesus, eternally.